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Slotenmaker.Nu® Locksmith in Amsterdam is the most renowned locksmith and supplier of home and business security solutions. We provide comprehensive coverage in all kinds of lock changing, lock opening, door opening, window opening, glass door opening,  and all kinds of work related to your security.

Premium Locksmith Amsterdam

Slotenmaker.Nu® Locksmith in Amsterdam has been the premier service provider in the security industry for many years providing the people of Utrecht  premium service any time they want. We employ many dedicated professionals in and around Amsterdam to provide our clients enhanced emergancy lock opening services. Whenever we get a call from someone who has lost his or her key of home, restaurant or office we take this as a high priority work and reach the spot in minutes and open the lock/door immediately.

Specialists in opening doors without damage

We closely work with the security industry to get ourselves updated of newest technological improvements in the industry. Our Locksmiths in Amsterdam are well equipped to face any challenge that may arise when attending to our clients. As we are Implementing the best technology in the industry, we able to open any lock.

We are capable of installing or breaking locks without damaging your property. Slotenmaker.Nu® Locksmith Amsterdam are specialists in opening and making new locks without causing damages to your property and save you a lot of future problems.

We provide unmatched quality of service and the best price packages that no one can. If you lost your key or if you misplace your home key and locked out, just call us, we will come where you are and get you out of the situation

24/7 Locksmith Amsterdam - Locksmith near you.

Locked Out ?

You can ‘t open your door? Call Locksmith Amsterdam. Even in Amsterdam we will open your door without damage!

  • Opening Door without Damage
  • 1 Hour Speed Service
  • True 24 Hour Service

Change Locks

We offer lock replacements for all budgets. If you feel like your current lock is rather unsafe, our professional locksmiths can help you.

  • New Appartment?
  • Lost Your Key?
  • Upgrade Your Lock?

24h Locksmith

We offer assistance for both residential and commercial buildings, at any time of the day and night, 24/7. Need a lock change or upgrade, lost your keys?

  • Broken Lock
  • Lost Your Key?
  • Change Your Locks?
Direct a true Locksmith on the Phone, Own Certified Locksmiths, No CallCenter

Meet our Locksmiths

The profession of locksmith is more extensive than you can probably imagine. All the problems in our field of profession we face 24 hours a day. Not only people who have forgotten their key, but also urgent openings for Police & Public Health Service for people who fell indoors, or at midnight, protect several houses in a neighborhood plagued by burglars.

Locksmith Amsterdam dicht ruit af voor politie
Locksmith Amsterdam maakt sleutel na
Locksmith Amsterdam plaatst ruit
Locksmith Amsterdam opent deur onder toezicht van politie
Locksmith Amsterdam vervangt Oplegslot
Locksmith Amsterdam plaatst Kerntrekbeslag
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Our Service Area is the Netherlands, no village is too small, no House is too Far Away!

24h Emergency Lockmith Amsterdam

Van Delft Slotenmaker is the biggest Locksmith in the Netherlands. With multiple branches througout the Netherlands like Rotterdam, Leiden, Utrecht, Den Haag and Breda .We can help you day and Night.


Monday – Sunday | Emergency Locksmith service Always Open

Monday – Saturday | Main Office08:00 – 17:00

Monday – Saturday | Store09:00 – 17:00


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Telephone 020-2260225

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Van Delft Locksmith wants to be and remain the best locksmith in the Netherlands. We heavaly invest in our locksmiths with training

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